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TUCF Genomics Services

Below are the list of services offered to researchers in getting started with NGS technology.

Illumina NovaSeq X Plus Services

The NovaSeq X Plus sequencing system offers unprecedented output and a breakthrough user experience. Leveraging Illumina's proven and widely-adopted, reversible terminator-based sequencing by synthesis chemistry in combination with innovative engineering, X Plus delivers the industry's highest sequencing output and fastest data generation rate. Human interaction design features and the easiest sequencing workflow set a new standard for simplicity and user experience.

Featuring three flow cell types, and the ability to process one or two flow cells simultaneously. This provides a flexible and scalable platform that supports the broadest range of applications and study sizes. No other system lets you perform so many applications so quickly and easily. Choose between 1.5B, 10B, 25B flowcells offering scalable output to fit your project needs.

1.5B Flowcell

1.5 Flowcell mode provides quick results, allows efficient processing of a limited number of samples, and offers support of longer paired-end 150 base pair reads, which enable greater depth of coverage and improved assembly for de novo applications.

10B + 25B are perfect for larger studies.

10B + 25B is perfect for larger studies with more samples or when the greatest depth of coverage is required. These flowcells allow you to batch process 6-16x more samples than 1.5B Flowcell and to complete large projects in record time.

Illumina MiSeq Services

As the only personal sequencer capable of producing paired-end reads, the MiSeq system puts the largest portfolio of sequencing applications at your fingertips. Optimized sample preparation kits, push-button sequencing, and automated data analysis, create the first truly end-to-end sequencing solution.

MiSeq is the only benchtop sequencer that can produce 2 x 250 paired-end reads and up to 8.5 Gb of data in a single run. Allowing you to assemble small genomes or target variants with unmatched accuracy, especially within homopolymer regions. Process more samples in less time. Generate higher read depths to get greater precision for variant detection. All using the shortest sample-to-data workflow among all benchtop sequencers.

With MiSeq, you can:

  • Access the world's most widely published and accurate sequencing chemistry, backed by > 3,300 peer-reviewed publications
  • Multiplex up to 96 samples per run for greater efficiency
  • Get accurate bi-directional amplicon sequencing
  • Generate more complete de novo assemblies

Illumina NextSeq 550 Services


Library Preparation

Libraries must be prepared before they can be run on the Illumina systems. We accept both prepared and unprepared samples for sequencing.


The sheer volume of data generated using high-throughput sequencing creates many informatic challenges. We offer bioinformatics support associated with data management, read mapping, individual consultations, and extended analysis. We also can point you in the right direction with a variety of services.

Other Services


If you have questions regarding the design of experiments using Illumina sequencing, we provide consultations regarding any type of experiment, including transcriptome analyses, ChIP studies, or exon captures.

Contact Us for a discussion on your project and for a quote.